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Our Solutions

With our products, we aim at providing our customers with extraordinary value under strict compliance regulation requirements.



QualityKick™ eQMS

A cloud-based and validated solution

Our QualityKick™ platform is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It aims to be the go-to platform for companies in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices sectors to efficiently manage everything quality, process and product related, always according to the relevant compliance regulations.

The solution started out as a quality management system (QMS) but is rapidly adding additional modules to the platform to further help customers get their quality processes under control and release products to market under stringent compliance rules.

According to our customers, the leaning curve has been kept extremely low thanks to the user-friendliness of the user interface. Through a well-defined onboarding process in which training, data import and validation is tackled in parallel, our customers start using QualityKick in production in no-time. 

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What people are saying

"We chose QualityKick first and foremost to help us reduce the time and effort we were investing to manually follow up on events and CAPAs. The fast and easy implementation of QualityKick, being this a cloud-based solution, helped us to get this part of our quality processes under control quickly."

— Mark Kockx, CEO at HistoGeneX

"We had an urgent need to control the printing and reconciliation of batch related GxP forms at many of our Pharma sites. We solved this beautifully by implementing a specific module of QualityKick which allows us to print a document from any of our document management systems without the need of complex integrations. After printing, documents can be easily reconciled through the QualityKick application with the use of a barcode scanner."

— Global Head of QA, at a Fortune 500 company

Custom Integrations

To tailor QualityKick™ to your specific needs, our expert team can implement any requirement on top of the product to integrate it with other systems and to ensure that the resulting solution fits your exact business needs.

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Added Value

We make a list of requirements together with you, prioritise them and develop these, after which they are validated and put into production in consecutive releases.

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Open Source

We leverage open source technologies where possible to maintain the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low while integrating seamlessly with existing Microsoft technology.

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Our user interfaces are mostly web-based, so you only need a web browser to work with our systems without the need for cumbersome software installation on end-user computers.

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A web-based and/or cloud-based setup offers distributed workstations and instruments access to the software from anywhere across the network or the Internet.

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Our cloud-based solutions come with backup and disaster recovery mechanisms out of the box. Making them extremely reliable in critical and regulated environments.

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Our solutions are designed in a way that these can be deployed in a 3-tier infrastructure (application servers, DB servers and storage) to make them highly scalable and support thousands of users.

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