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Founded in Antwerp (Belgium) under the QbD group, QbD Software has physical presence in 6 different countries and 3 continents. It leverages a large amount of combined knowledge through the 200+ consultants of QbD, to develop its different software products.

Our Core Values

Icona Things Done

Getting things done

Action needs to be taken... now.
We value a "getting things done" mentality in which people are not waiting to be told what to do. We like to convert theory into action, avoiding the analysis paralysis trap.

Icona Data Driven


"Believing" is good, but "knowing" is better.
A data-driven culture enables us to have a factual approach to decision making and helps us to stay with both feet on the ground.

Framer Basics


We can't be positive every minute of the day. But a positive mindset is contagious and boosts the happiness, productivity and creativity of those around us.

Framer Basics


As we develop user-friendly software solutions we are constantly questioning the status quo. Creativity is essential to change the present and improve the future.

Icona Flexible


QbD Software still has this startup mentality in which flexibility is essential to get the most out of all the other core values.

Icona Healthy


Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life.
We promote a healthy work-life relationship because we sincerely believe in the benefits it provides to all parties: the company, the employee and the customer.

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