Full Control over Printed Documents

Take control over printouts of GxP related documentation by channeling the printing  from any of your existing applications through PrintKick™.

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PrintKick™ is the answer to compliant printing and reconciliation

Developed and validated according to FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance requirements


PrintKick Windows Application


Print from any of your existing applications

Print from anywhere, no complex integrations required

PrintKick™ consists of 3 components: a virtual printer driver, a windows application and a web-based application.

The printer driver serves as the bridge between your existing applications and the PrintKick™ solution. The user simply performs a print action from any system and selects the PrintKick™ printer driver. The printer driver doesn't send the document to a printer just yet, instead, it opens the PrintKick™ windows application and presents the user with a screen where document related information must be entered by the user about the document in question.

PrintKick list of documents


Get full control over printouts and reprints

Know at all times who printed what and when

By using PrintKick™ to issue a printout, the system ensures that the necessary audit trail information is centrally logged. PrintKick™ can also identify if the printout in question is a reprint of a previously printed document. If this is the case, the user will need to provide a reason for the reprint which is also logged automatically.

PrintKick easy reconciliation


Easy reconciliation of printed documents

Reconcile each and every page, know what's missing

Before the document is sent to the printer, PrintKick™ embeds a unique barcode on each page of the document in question. This ensures that the document can be reconciled later by simply scanning all the pages with a barcode scanner.

These reconciliation sessions are logged as well and can be reviewed in the web-based PrintKick™ component.

PrintKick reconciliation issues


Take action on reconciliation issues 

Make sure employees can spot issues and enable them to log their actions within the system

While reconciling documents which have been printed through PrintKick™, it could be that issues arise that need some kind of explanation, like missing pages or documents.

PrintKick™ allows users to log these issues to make sure the document can be marked as reconciled. Reports on these issues can be reviewed and downloaded.


How does PrintKick™ work?

See how the PrintKick™ virtual printer driver, the PrintKick™ windows application and the PrintKick™ web-based application integrate with your existing infrastructure.


PrintKick™ Advantages

Ensure that the issuance of GxP forms and documents happens in a controlled manner and according to regulations. 


Compatible with MS Windows 7 and MS Windows 10 operating systems.


Especially designed for global companies with different manufacturing sites


Customisable data input request during printing and configuration of approved printers


Suitable for printing from any software application


Full audit trail of printing and reconciliation actions


Developed according to FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines


Cloud-based set-up with backup and disaster recovery out-of-the-box


Support for different user permission roles


Validated according to GAMP5 regulation requirements

What people are saying

“We searched for an off-the-shelve solution to solve our problem with the issuance and reconciliation of batch related forms.
We couldn't find any, until we finally found PrintKick.” 

— Global Head of Data Integrity at a Big Pharma company

“We had a commitment with the FDA to solve the findings related to printing and reprinting of GxP documents. PrintKick was implemented on time and on budget, and basically saved the day.” 

— Data Integrity Lead at a Big Pharma company

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